Terrence Robinson - Site Coordinator

January 2023 Spotlight
Terrence has been with CISETX for two years now and in his second year he has taken off like a rocket ship. Terrence has introduced recreational sports to his campus as an incentive for intermediate students to be introduced to different sports that they may not have the means to participate in through city recreational teams. He also orchestrated a resource fair for his feeder zone bringing in many resources for the community. Terrence's biggest achievements have been his strong ability to build relationships and partnerships with the local churches and businesses. Through these relationships and his eagerness to help students and families he has been able to collect thousands of dollars in donations that include food, gift cards, services, clothing and most recently he has secured a donation of 500 brand new pairs of shoes for next year. Some of his top donors have been Impact Church of The Woodlands ($4300), Mod Pizza($350), John Cooper High School ($1600), Angel Tree ($2500), as well as Starbucks, Kroger, HEB, and SAM'S Club to name a few. Terrence has been instrumental in teaching his coworkers his technique and trade to get donations. We look forward to watching him grow. Terrence, we salute you!

- Trezlyn Lamb, Field Operations Director